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Outnumbered 20 to 1

Mister N.'s teaching blog

2 January 1980
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First grade teacher to 20 little rascals. I love my job (even all the frustrations that come with it) and so I blog about it here.

Please note that "Mister N." is a nom de plume, and all my kiddos' names have been changed for privacy reasons. I won't tell you what elementary school I work at, but I will say I live in California with one most amazing "Mister S" and a gaggle of cats, all of whom are likely to make textual cameos.

I'd love to meet fellow teachers, unless you are the type who does nothing but post negative, mocking comments about your students and/or their academic abilities. I'm sure there's a community for that type of petty disgruntled snarking. :)